Calling the 112 test center

When stolen mobile phones are sold, they are often tested by calling the emergency center, number 112, because that is the only number that works without the SIM card.

Suggested solution: Detect the IMEI of all mobiles calling the emergency center without a SIM card (no IMSI identification), and block them for all non-emergency calls. (Blocking emergency calls is too dangerous, unless the phone is constantly harassing 112.)

This should not bother legal phone owners, because the SIM card is usually present. If I get blocked anyway, I'll have to apologize for my dog removing the SIM and calling 112, and hope the police believes me.

The IMEI of a stolen phone should of course have been blocked by its owner. But few of us have saved our IMEIs. It is found by typing *#06# or looking under the battery. Take a note of it and keep it, but keep it secret, unless you want some practical joker to have your phone blocked as stolen.


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