Yahoo! is indexing RDFs

Yahoo! is the only search engine that is indexing my stadium.rdf . The RDF is found by searching for Local links for the village Eii

Google and MSN does not find this RDF page.

But Yahoo! does not yet 'understand' that the RDF says these local links are at the URL and has title If it did, it would not link to the RDF page, but directly to

Please: Go ahead! This is something Google does not do, and will not do unless forced to by the competition. (But I'd fear that their code is ready to roll when they make the decision.) If left to Google, the semantic web will never happen.

Update: Yahoo! doesn't seem to find my RDF anymore. This is not moving in the right direction. While I do not really want the raw RDF in the search result, I want the search result to link to the page that the RDF told about.


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