The X in XHTML

The X in XHTML means Extensible. And in the browsers, it really is. If I add an element of my own, maybe mine:something, an HTML browser will ignore the mine:something tags, and display the mine:something content, if any.

But if I try to validate such a page, I get a problem, because it is invalid. Which is a real problem, because my blog will force validity on my entries.

What I need, is a DOCTYPE that accepts HTML as valid under the following two conditions:

  1. The page is wellformed XML
  2. The page would be valid XHTML if all tags from other namespaces were removed

Note that testing removal of elements from other namespaces would be too liberal, test by removing foreign tags with their content left in place.

Work by W3C is addressing ways to specify conformance for documents involving multiple namespaces. But they seem concerned with specific extensions like MathML, I want a DOCTYPE to handle general extensions.

I want my validator to say: The way you use your extensions may be bullshit, but at least it is wellformed bullshit placed in a valid XHTML context.

An example of the problem, is the G O Sars page. It contains a pair of geo:lat and geo:long elements, but to make the page valid, I had to place them in CDATA. That transforms them from elements to text. Fortunately, they are still treated as geo: elements by Blogmapper

Postet av: Per

Agreed ;)

08.12.2004 @ 10:52
Postet av: Jan Egil Kristiansen

The Relaxed! validator at will validate extended XHTML without the need of an extended DOCTYPE. (But that will still not help an extension through the mechanics of this blog.)

28.09.2005 @ 09:34

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