PestPatrol - the Blind Man at the Helm

First impression of PestPatrol Corporate edition.

  • After running an interactive scan on a workstation, and finding nothing, the workstation is marked with a check mark icon, that's good. (I also get a last scan of ... found 0 pests in the bottom pane of the management console.)

    But the log for that workstation does not report the negative result, the last log entry is the last pest found.

  • After a scheduled workstation scan, I get no information at all on the management console if nothing was found. While reporting positives are most important, my peace of mind requires some way to see

    • that a workstation was negative at its last scan
    • when that last scan was done
  • I can schedule scans, and delete them. What I cannot do, is see which scans that are scheduled.
  • I don't know if a scheduled scan will run if the workstation is disconnetced. (It probably will, as an attempt to schedule an offline workstation will fail.)

To conclude: Nice idea. Spyware damage is not limited to the individual workstation, the real threat is to the security of entreprise data. But the product needs some polishing of the user interface. Right now, I'm afraid I'd feel better with standalone PestPatrol on each of my 15 workstations.


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