Secret Xerox error code

When scanning with Xerox Workcentre 24, I received the error message 016-783 that I was unable to find any documentation on.

For the benefit of my fellow victims: The problem was that the FTP server to receive the scans was misconfigured - the directory didn't exist, or missing write permission or something.

Update: The Xerox search is still clueless. But Google now finds 016-783. Cause - Could not find the specified server path during file at User

Postet av: altan topcu

dear suppoter,ı have a copier to xerox 5825.this machine not run propertly.error to J7how ı can repair itthanks

10.06.2005 @ 10:45
Postet av: Xerox

Check support on the xerox site.

14.04.2006 @ 11:53
Postet av: 016-783

No results were found matching "016-783".Please check your spelling and try again.

Postet av: Bill Hutchison

I had the same problem with our Xerox Scanner after someone had deleted the folder on the server that the printer was trying to scan to.

You can read the full description of the solution at

28.10.2007 @ 16:27

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