Prepaid GSM: User Interface

I don't know about the rest of the world, but for customers of Faroese Telecom, the procedure for pre-paid mobile phone is the following:

  • call (+298) 801010
  • Listen to instruction to type 1 to add money to the account
  • Remove phone from ear
  • Type 1
  • Put phone to ear
  • Hear instruction to type code followed by #.
  • Remove phone from ear
  • Type 056471505418#
  • Put phone to ear
  • Listen to confirmation of the transaction

Why can't I simply call (+298) 801010 056471505418?

Or send an SMS containing 056471505418 to (+298) 801010 ?

(In both cases, I'd expect to receive SMS confirmation of the transaction)

The charm of the SMS method, is that I could SMS 'money' to my broke child, who could forward the message to 801010 to reactivate his phone.


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