Deleting a DNS host entry

The outer right party Sverigedemokraterna has had the DNS host entry for deleted.

Maybe by the Swedish Internet Authority, maybe by their former DNS supplier.

They are online again - from exile - at

I can only guess that the deletion was caused by their publishing images of a certain prophet.

Whoever deleted them, is taking on quite a responsibility: by deleting one domain, they implicitly endorse everything they do not delete. They also encourage those who use violence to have opponents silenced.

Update: Seems like SÄPO (the security police) 'talked to' the ISP, the ISP then 'found it best' to delete the host. The Swedish Security Service protects Sweden and democracy.

Might reduce short term danger, but the smell of blood in the water will attract the sharks again. In Norwegian : "som å pisse i buksa for å holde varmen." (Peeing in your pants to keep warm.)



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