ge Utnes told me to look at the workings of http://af/ in various browsers. The results will probably vary with user configurations, but here are the results for my account on this PC:


Does not find the host af, and does no HTTP request at all. Surprisingly clean behaviour for a Microsoft application, but that is because I have configured IE not to search from the address line. Even an ayatollah like me could accept a silent retry at

Even with address line search enabled, IE will not search when http: is specified. Good!

Firefox 1.0.7

Firefox 1.0.7 used Google to figure out that AF means Arbejdsformidlingen.

I'm pretty sure I disabled that once, but I can't remember where to do it.

On another machine, I ended at the U.S. Air Force, which has a certain perverted relevance.

Opera 8.5

The slightly outdated Opera 8.5 makes a guess at, without warning me. I think would be a much safer guess, because the host is under the authority of the domain af

Yes, I said safer guess, having a browser silently going to another place than the one I asked for, is a security issue. But in general, substituting www.[domain] for [domain] should be safe, if the administration of the domain is doing its part.

What does http: mean?

Unlike IE, both Opera 8.5 and Firefox 1.0.7 will search, even when I explicitly type http:.

Even worse, they start searching silently on the link to http://af/, that is incredibly stupid. If I want to link to a Google search, I do so.

In this respect, Internet Explorer is clearly the serious browser. Maybe too serious, in not suggesting as an alternative to http://af/.


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You'd also may like to try to remove all text in the address field in Firebox and then just type b(the letter 'b' - or c)!

22.10.2006 @ 23:17

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