Legislate against spam - delete the domain !

State laws against spam won't work very well, because a state's jurisdiction is usually limited to its territory.

But what about deleting domains?

A Norwegian spam law could be enforced by deleting any spamming .no domain. Once a domain is clean, spam filters worldwide need only verify the origin of e-mail from that domain, and can skip content filtering. Which is good, because spam is now camouflaged so well, that a content based filter will inevitably stop legitimate communication.

.com will probably never be clean - but those of us who want to communicate about "erection" could do so from a clean domain, and avoid being stopped by spam filters.

A dirty-words filter may still stop that word, but that's the receiver's choice. By "clean", I mean free from spam, not free from dirty words.

Postet av: Jan Egil Kristiansen

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