Ain't never noboby

Ain't never nobody loved me like I love myself

is the poetic triple negation starting The Subterraneans by Jack Kerouac. Beautiful, and easy to understand.

In the security settings of Internet Exporer, I find this less elegant triple negation:

Disable don't prompt for client certificate selection when no certificates or only one certificate exists

If Kerouac wrote on speed, what did the Microsoft boys use? This is supposed to be a security setting - I should be able to understand what it means without testing the alternatives.

Do they mean

Prompt me before presenting my client certificate to anyone

Or maybe the opposite? This is not the place you should need to know boolean logic.

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(Merely a reflection ...) Apropos Kerouac: On The Hold Steadys new album Boys and Girls in America they sing:

«... sucking off each others at the demonstrations ... crushing one another with collossal expectations.»

09.03.2007 @ 21:28

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