There, and back again. (Sensaura headphones)

RailwayStation is a nice piece of figurative music.

Through the use of the crosstalk cancellation process, these recordings are intended to be listened to using a stereo speaker setup.

So to listen with headphones, the signal has to be processed back, with e.g. Dolby Headphones.

The original recording probably sounds better than a signal that has been processed by Sensaura, and then reversed with Dolby Headphones?

As a technology demonstation, it would also be interesting to compare the Sensaura signal on speakers, whith the original on headphones?

With multichannel SACD, downloable MP3 etc., I don't think Sensaura sound should ever be published alone—it should always be followed by the original version, to make it suitable for headphones.

The audiophile realisation offers the listener the highest possible unadulterated original product; even the exacting demands of reception with high-end systems will be satisfied through our special recording technique (Dummy Head + binaural computer room-simulation from AachenHEAD)

To me, the unadulterated original product of a dummy head recording, is listening to the original recording with headphones.


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