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Amazing. When searching for Knud Olsen Ellingsgaard , I find several pages that are composed of random fragments of real text, mixed with different links, that all redirect to the same site. A site that contains no info whatsoever about Mr. Ellingsgaard. But Google takes the bait.

When an esoteric search like this one is spammed, what search is not? Will we get a web where the majority of text are random quotes, designed to attract the spiders?

Postet av: Jan Egil Kristiansen, Hoyvk

Things are getting better. Only one false positive today.

Postet av: Jan Egil Kristiansen

When the random spam generators get the ability to write texts that look convincing, who will need the real stuff?

18.02.2005 @ 10:33
Postet av: ge Utnes

With limited and mostly non-artificial intelligence I tried to figure out how the spamming was done. Looking through the javascripts connected to the rerouted sites I found no automated redirect (but forgot to check the phps though).Random quotes intended to attract spiders is a well known trick which might be one of the reasons why Google nowadays ignore meta tags.Might this be the end of the Internet as a source of both reliable and questionable information? A recently read book comes to mind: Certain groups might want to 'subverse' reality as we know it ...

Postet av: ge Utnes

May be a related problem!

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