The Japanese Patriotism Act

The deputy principal walked down the aisle between the wall and the teachers' seats and approached me and said, Please stand up and sing, said Mitsuo Kondo, 61, a martial arts teacher [...] So I said: I won't stand up. I won't sing.

Mr. Kondo, whose teaching contract was canceled as a result and who now is a part-time carpenter, said he had not opposed the anthem and flag until showing respect was required. He said he used to sing the anthem at the top of his voice.

(from New York Times)

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What's the fuzz? Anything abnormal in starting the day with praising your country? In America every ball game is opened by singing the national anthem. Nationalism may be an idea of the eighteenth century, but hedging local communities and local patriotism is found some centuries earlier. Nationalism lost some of its charm during WWII though. Back home in Norway nationalism still has a function. In trying to expell any coloured person, our brown ones (the Fascist Regressive Party) calls out its praise of Norwegian values on a daily basis, and this without even having to declare what these values contain or mean in everyday life. Singing the national anthem may be a good idea after all, especially if you're a brownie ...

18.12.2004 @ 11:53

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