Defragmenting the global village

There will never be a global village, we are not interested in communicating with everyone, and we are simply too many people.

But the fragmentation into global ghettoes should be caused by lack of interest, not by borders in the infrastructure.

At the moment, I am member of three kayak-related communities at alone, and two more at the Norwegian Kayak Association and Qajaq USA. That's ridiculous. Most of what I say in one of those, might as well be said in any of the others.

To defragment those ghettoes, we need the following:

A blog each. The blog needs HTML and news feed interfaces. It needs trackback tools to thread discussions. It needs user authentication, some times to limit an item's visibility to friends only, always to protect the trackback from being abused by spammers.

User authentication should be integrated between HTML and news feed versions of the blog. I see two ways to do that:

  • SSL client certificates
  • Cookie level integration between web browser and news reader. Once logged on via HTML, the news reader will have access until the cookie expires.

And we always need ever better search engines.


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