Dangerous spin: Legal victory for file-swappers

BBC reports: Legal victory for file-swappers.

True, but illegal music copying is still as illegal as it has always been. Which is good.

The ruling says that the RIAA has to leave police work to the police. Which is also good, whether you believe - or not - the rumours of a new RIAA boss having been involved at Waco.

I certainly don't want a society where police work is outsourced to the likes of Hell's Angels and Bandidos.

The ruling is also an invitation for Congress to change the law. If that happens, RIAA may well be able to use it to punish filesharing done before the law was updated - after all, sharing copyrighted material is illegal now, the only thing stopping the RIAA from getting you, is that they don't know who owned the IP address. Once they are allowed access to that information, they may get you retroactively, if they so please.


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