Pagaj vs Paatit - tuku and sinaiming

In Danish, a kayak paddle is called a pagaj. That is strange, as the main part of Denmark, Greenland, has the most advanced kayak culture in the world, and there it is called a paatit.

A European pagaj usually has between 60 and 90 degrees angle between the blades, while the paatit has both blades in the same plane. That could be part of the explanation.

But the only reference I find to pagaj outside Denmark, are two islands in Mentawai near Sumatra: North and South Pagai. They do indeed have some quite notable paddles: The dolphin shaped tuku and the diamond shaped sinaiming. Both are operated with one arm only; the top end is locked in the armpit like a crutch.

So far, I have found no information on twin-blade paddle traditions in South-East Asia. Does anybody know anything about this?

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Sorry, I have no information of these paddles. Looks cool though! The guys I hitched a ride with used Honda, Yamaha, Mercury and Eivinrude, which was a bit disappointing, but efficient. The malaysian shores were a nice back-drop, but also quite polluted ... But it was an interesting question, keep up the good work!ugh !

22.04.2004 @ 15:44

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