Grokker - interesting GUI, but not worth paying for

I have just tested The user interface looks very interesting. But the clustering data displayed are too bad to really evaluate the GUI. I did a cluster in Eii, Grokker assigned clusters to common words like vi and a, that is equivalent to clustering on the, and and I in English. There were two clusters inside each other, both labelled Vi, none of them contained any links. When clustering on tank, Grokker identified storage, but did not identify any cluster for main battle tanks.

I'd very much like to see the Grokker interface applied to the data of music map, or maybe the late directory.

But the clustering of Grokker is—in its present pre-alpha state—not worth paying for. from Vivisimo is free and better. (Or was when I first wrote this in 2005. Many a good idea have died since then.)


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