Windows protocol handler

Why is there no competition to write Windows protocol handlers?

I would expect Skype, Microsoft Phone Dialer and others to engage in stiff competition, offering protocol handlers for tel:298123456 and wtai://wp/mc;+298318305 links.

For Amazon to write handlers for urn:isbn: and urn:asin:B000071IYQ should also be a no-brainer.

Wikipedia has URLs like in place to handle ISBN references, all that is missing, is a protocol handler to make the connection from urn:isbn:1-8806-54-113. As long as Wikipedia does not handle the urn:asin: protocol, those links should probably be delegated to Google or Amazon.

How to register an application to a URL protocol

Postet av: Aage Utnes

The guys and dolls behind 'JavaScript to Kill Google Autolink' has made another version which writes random ISBN numbers. If you like the thought of counter attack you may find this link interesting:

06.03.2005 @ 16:45
Postet av: Jan Egil Kristiansen

Spartak Moskva, entifisert:Спартак МоскваSpartak Moskva, uentifisert:Спартак Москва

07.03.2005 @ 09:25
Postet av: Jan Egil Kristiansen

Begge deler ser OK ut i administrasjonssiden, med bare Спартак Москва her ute i offentligheten.

07.03.2005 @ 09:29
Postet av: Jan Egil Kristiansen

I quite like the idea of a tool that can supply relevant links. You just have to choose a tool that you want to trust a little bit.E.g. at I'd be happy with a tool that tells you that one of the images is 'borrowed' from, that the photo is explained by, that the web site of Спартак Москва is etc.

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