Skipping past DVD copyright notices

If a play a DVD, I have to wait out a copyright notice?I can't skip past it.

What are they afraid of? That a pirate will get off the hook in court by claiming that he skipped past the copyright notice too fast to read it?

Is disrespect for paying customers really a good strategy against piracy? If I could copy DVDs, the copies would be better than the originals, because I would not have to suffer through the copyright notices.

The enemy has a name: user operation prohibition (UOP)

Postet av: Anders

On some Disney DVDs it''s even worse: you HAVE TO SEE 10 min of ads for OTHER Disney films... I was surprised and shocked...

22.04.2004 @ 13:23
Postet av: Jan Egil Kristiansen

We have to include this info in reviews, e.g. at Amazon. But how do we refer to a specific edition of a DVD? If I buy LotR in a Faroese shop, I will not get the same product as from Amazon. Could the bar code be a good ID? If I say 5 706102 359057, do you know what I talk about?

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