A strange F-16

Frogma has an article on aircraft wings and paddles. With a photo of a strange F-16:


Does not look like the F-16s roaming my native Norwegian skies, they have a cropped delta along with horizontal tail surfaces .

Might be the F-16XL. Not that this affects her argument in any way - the delta-winged aircraft in her photo is a better illustration than the 'normal' F-16 would have been.

Publicity photo from the Royal Norwegian Air Force:

332 squadron - united we fight

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That's really interesting - thanks for the trackback, now I'll have to go back & look into that - if I find a better label I'll change it! I knew the basic types of aircraft I would need to illustrate my point; I knew the Global Flyer would be my high aspect ratio sample (although as I mentioned, I was really thinking Voyager as I like the first-time record setter aspect - mixed up the names, though) & a 767 would serve as the midrange sample; for a low aspect ratio wing, though, all I knew was that I was going to find what I needed somewhere in the fighter jet family, ended up doing a google image searches under fighter jet, F-16, Tomcat, that sort of thing - picked this one knowing nothing about the plane itself, just that it showed the exact design I was looking for better than anything else I saw.

24.03.2006 @ 21:56

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