I have two error reports for blogspot.com

I have two error reports for blogspot.com. As I don't know where else to send them, I post them as comments.

  1. http://frogma.blogspot.com/2006/03/of-paddles-and-planes.html is XHTML, but it is not well-formed XML. The problem is that the system lets you write unescaped ampersand, "fast & manueverable" rather than escaped: "fast & manueverable".
  2. The trackback page is declared as iso-8859-1, but contains invalid characters. In iso-8859-1 the hex bytes 80 and 93 are control characters. In windows-1252, they are the EURO SIGN and the LEFT DOUBLE QUOTATION MARK. But in this case, they are probably the result of failure to decode UTF-8 ?

Could you please forward this somewhere?

(I discover such nerdy stuff because I am considering an ASP.NET/xml application for mapping trackbacks as an exercise.)

Submitted to Google Groups: Mal-formed XML and unescaped ampersands Trackback contains iso-8859-1 control characters

Postet av: Ugh!

Code: 'amp euro semikolon' should take care of one of the problems. The other one could possibly be solved through 'amp 171 semikolon' or 'amp 187 semikolon' or maybe some other code from http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query/static/entities.html or http://www.philjohn.com/net/pjkm_html1b.html

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ok, after my little fit of pique the other day one of my more coding-savvy friends did manage to explain why this does matter in a way that actually sort of made sense - I'll send link to this to blogger.com -

04.05.2006 @ 07:02
URL: http://www.frogma.blogspot.com
Postet av: Jan Egil Kristiansen

I might agree that I should straighten up my own blog provider before asking you to straighten up yours.And I surely agree that my 'problems' do not matter in day to day operations of blogs.There are two very different approched to design development: Incremental and Utopian Grand Plan.Hand-built kayaks are a prime example of incremental design: You take what works, fiddle a bit, almost imperceptibly, and maybe it works better, if not you roll back. This is the only approach that is guaranteed to work.The Utopian Grand Plan - like the semantic web - suffers from lack of experience: Nobody really knows if it will work. You make a big effort, and then maybe it flops. The semantic web also suffers from a collective chicken-or-egg problem: As long as no tools use semantic markup, there is no reason for Blogger to supply it. And as long as the blogs lack the markup, there is no reason to make the tools.The rudeness factor - it took me 3 hours to approve your comment, and it will usually take much more. (But it seems like trackback comments ping straight into my blog without my intervention.) Two lessons I learned about trackback:- They are fire-and-forget, I can't delete them.- They are easily forged.Bits of the semantic web that worked for me in this communication: A technorati RSS feed alerting me to any mention of 'styrheim' in a blog, and the RSS feed with comments to my own blog.

Postet av: bonnie

Good metaphor, the strip-built kayak - I've watched my boatbuilder friend Jack Gilman fiddle around with one little piece that taken simply as a percentage of the quantity of material in the boat is maybe 2%, so one might think "Oh, how can that little bit matter" - but it does because the way all the little pieces of the frame fit together determine the overall shape of the hull which determines how that boat is going to paddle.Continuing that metaphor, I suppose that would make me the person who decided to take up paddling and did so by going & buying the first inexpensive & easy-to-use boat she saw...

04.05.2006 @ 16:40
URL: http://www.frogma.blogspot.com

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