Selling a car without a road

According to Faroese Radio, the politician Kaj Leo Johannesen wants to include the physical network, when Froya Tele is privatized.

His claim is that selling the telephone operator without a net, is like selling a car without the engine. (At einskilja Froya Tele uttan net er ta sama sum at selja ein bil uttan motor)

Wrong metaphor. Selling a telephone operator without including the net, is more like selling a car, without including a piece of road.

Imagine if the Ford dealer owns the tunnel under the Vestmanna Sound. A Volvo can only use the tunnel, if the Volvo dealer strikes a deal with the Ford dealer. As a customer, I will have to choose a Ford, or risk losing access to the tunnel. Ridiculous and inefficient, but very similar to the present situation in the Faroese telephony market.

Kaj Leo and I agree that state ownership of the network is not important. What is important to me, is separating ownership of networks and services.

(Maybe Citron prfre Total, but fortunately, they do run equally well on other gasoline brands)


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