Dell: Too young to die, to old to upgrade

Dell memory - too old at 4 years

The 4 years old (i.e. born 2002) Dell Precision 340 is too slow with only 2x128MB memory.

The memory selector does not even acknowledge the existence of the Precision 340 model. But then the Precision 340 is equipped with Samsung memory, it seems like Dell has since committed to Kingston. (What about some commitment to your customers?)

They require an impossible logon (Catch-22: You have to change to a stronger password before you can log in and update your password) just to look up my service tag. Service tags used to be a good idea... They also require my evening telephone no. (Fat chance!)

Anyone know if Precision 340 can be upgraded to 2x256MB?

Update Dell USA says Your computer supports dual-channel RDRAM RIMMs in 64-, 128-, 256-, and 512-MB capacities. Still not clear to me if the maximum is 2x256MB or 2x512MB, but it should be enough for me, anyway.

Update 2 Memorystock has something.



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