Mikines in English

ISBN 9979963948 is a nice book about the Faroese painter Smal Joensen-Mikines.

ISBN 9979963948

But the book lacks the original Faroese titles of his works. Even when a translation is good, we do need original titles. Compare a Google search for pilot whale drive with grindadrp

dith Piaf

Piaf by Pam Gems starts playing in Trshavn Oct 14 2006.

dith Piaf Jytte Joensen Anna Sofa Egilstr Stamen Stantchev Sigrun Valbergsdttir Barbara  Gongini

Photo by Allan Brockie


Photographing the Faroe Islands

Flickr: Faroe Islands

Jrn thinks that you get good photos from the Faroe Islands by simply removing your lens cap.

He knows nothing about it, because he has only been here in summer, and summer is the most dull-looking season. I returned from my first two Faroese summers, damning my over-exposed Kodachromes. The third summer, I looked around, and realized that the place does indeed look like over-exposed Kodachrome on a dry summer's day.

Nemi feed

Frste forsk p Nemi feed fraFeed43. Jeg br lre meg mer om mnsteruttrykkene deres.


P✪ppK✪rn - a more unique tag

With a rather generic name like PoppKorn, I wonder if an esoteric tag like is more useful than PoppKorn?

Daylight savings time: Not that easy

The W3C working group note Working with Time Zones correctly identifes the problem that local time in a time zone with "daylight savings time" part of the year can not be specified by offset from UTC, because that offset is not constant. So the time zone must be identified by a TZID.

They suggest that two <datetime, TZID> pair can be compared, by computing the offsets on that date and at those times, using the TZ database.

It is not that easy. Each spring there is an hour that does not exist (and all trains are suddenly one hour late). That is not a computational problem, because a datetime is still unique within its time zone.

But each fall there is an hour that appears twice (causing all the trains to be one hour delayed). No time zone database can possibly tell if a datetime falling within that hour is the first or the second appearance of that datetime.

So I see no other solution than this: Don't mess with time (leave that to Hermione Granger) but keep the offset from UTC constant in each time zone. If daylight savings time must be used, use it all year round. Anyone suggesting other solutions, should provide a computational method to convert local time to UTC.

If rational arguments are not enough, let me remind you that daylight savings time was introduced in Norway during World War II by Vidkun Quisling.


Valravn: krunk

New EP from Valravn is out: .

Valravn: krunk

http://hoppa.com/Medieval/ http://hoppa.com/Goth/


Stephansdom - Vienna's least gothic web site.


Faroese banknotes ? hard to get

Faroese 1000 DKK

are beautiful, but are increasingly hard to get.


La Islanda Faluslogia Muzeo

What language is this from http://www.phallus.is/megin.php?val=0&tunga=er?

La Islanda Faluslogia Muzeo estas probable la sola muzeo en la mondo kie estas kolektitaj falusaj (penisaj) specimenantaj al la diversaj mamulaj specioj de unu sola lando.

"er" is the country code for Eritrea, but there is no "Eritrean" language as far as I know?


Vienna underground Moir

Moir effects are generally ugly. But this one, from Viennaslide is amusing. Does it show something that was not present at all in Viennaslide-03660102.jpg before downsampling? Or does the small image tell more than the large one about the small irregularities present in the real iron?

Waterfront development

ge writes about the danger of everything looking the same when old industrial waterfront is converted to residential or business use during a short period.

Such projects may turn out very differently. Aker Brygge, Sandviken Brygge and Kilen Brygge represent the good, the bad and the ugly.

When I started working in Oslo in 1983, the shortest route from the train to my office was on the waterfront, in front of the City Hall. But to avoid the polluted highway between the City Hall and the sea, I walked the detour, via Karl Johansgate. With very good help from an undersea road tunnel, Aker Brygge did reconnect Oslo to the sea. And while much of the place was built within a couple of years, it did not look too planned, it looked like a naturally grown cityscape.

Sandviken Brygge in Bergen is the opposite - like Aker Brygge, it is very nice for those who can afford to live there. But unlike Aker, Sandviken is blocking its inland neighbourhood from contact with the sea. Sandviken is not the only - not even the worst - culprit in the area. When I visited in 2001, the only breathing hole in the waterfront barrier, was the pier by the KPMG office.

Kilen Brygge in Sandefjord looked plain ugly, last time I saw the place and the plans.

Wiccan Wedding

Wiccan Wedding

...we saw descriptions of the binding ceremony and it just seemed so beautiful," she explained. "We are not followers ourselves, but...

Congratulations! This sounds just like your average Christian wedding.

Gun 42 added to my gallery

Holmstrom No 42, Trshavn

Gun no 42 at the Trshavn Citadel 62.0233-6.7655 ]]>

BL.550CAL Mk.I HOLMSTROM C.O.W.1916 No.42

SUV Culture - Iceland vs. US

Somehow, I prefer Iceland's SUV culture over the US variety.

Econoline 6x6

Census for the village Eii, 1870

The web page for the 1870 census in Eii does now works on modern (DOM JavaScript) browsers.

Still under construction, but it generally works.

Click a house in the image, or its name in the list. 62.3137-7.0996

r Eiis sgu on the best-seller list

r Eiis sgu (From the history of Eii) is no 1 in the second week of June at Bkaslan.

r Eiis sgu 62.3137-7.0996

Roof over Mrurin

Mrurin: Model with digitally altered roof Mrurin, the walls of the St.Magnus Cathedral at Kirkjubur, is in bad need of a roof. It will crumble if not protected from the weather. With a roof, it will aslo become a good place for concerts and exhibitions. (There is no need to use the building as a church, the village is well served by the older St.Olav's Church.)

There is a proposal for a low roof. I don't like it at all; it makes the old cathedral look like an outpost for the Nordic House. While I admire the Nordic House, I think Mrurin deserves a taller roof, more in keeping with its sacral origins. Which is why I took the liberty of drawing one on the proposed model.

There, and back again. (Sensaura headphones)

RailwayStation is a nice piece of figurative music.

Through the use of the crosstalk cancellation process, these recordings are intended to be listened to using a stereo speaker setup.

So to listen with headphones, the signal has to be processed back, with e.g. Dolby Headphones.

The original recording probably sounds better than a signal that has been processed by Sensaura, and then reversed with Dolby Headphones?

As a technology demonstation, it would also be interesting to compare the Sensaura signal on speakers, whith the original on headphones?

With multichannel SACD, downloable MP3 etc., I don't think Sensaura sound should ever be published alone—it should always be followed by the original version, to make it suitable for headphones.

The audiophile realisation offers the listener the highest possible unadulterated original product; even the exacting demands of reception with high-end systems will be satisfied through our special recording technique (Dummy Head + binaural computer room-simulation from AachenHEAD)

To me, the unadulterated original product of a dummy head recording, is listening to the original recording with headphones.

Apocalypse Now! redux

Les Soldats Perdus

The additional scenes in the so-called redux version of Apocalypse Now! are good cinema, if seen in isolation.

But they water down the "real" Apocalypse Now!

  • Burlesque comedy, like the stolen surf board, damages the credibility. In the original, I can believe that Kilgore is not court martialed--in the redux, I can't.
  • Romantics, complete with syrup strings. Ain't no strings on my old soundtrack double LP.
  • The added political and historical dialogue is probably OK, even if it doesn't clarify much.

If you cut from the core Apocalypse material to get the redux version down to reasonable length, it would become a good Hollywood movie.

A virgin logo is hard to find

Tryggingarfelgai Froyar Institute for Transfusion Medicine

The state flag of Cruisania - on stage

Cruisania's state flag:

State flag of Cruisania

on stage at a Camerata Mediolanense concert:

flag on stage

(Arnhem 1997, despite the MDXXX on the backdrop)

The Captain is blind, and he cannot see

The Captain is blind, and he cannot see

  • Httisliga Hulda: Sofa Nolse Mikkelsen
  • Piratos: Sjrur Simonsen
  • Skiparin Einoygdi: Marius Thomasen
  • Vippu Viggo: Rald Johannesen

Triumph des Willens - Amazon slalom

You'll have to use amazon.co.uk to find Triumph des Willens, but amazon.de to find Olympia.

How come?

The only reason that Triumph des Willens is of interest in the UK, is that it is illegal in Germany?

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