Ain't never noboby

Ain't never nobody loved me like I love myself

is the poetic triple negation starting The Subterraneans by Jack Kerouac. Beautiful, and easy to understand.

In the security settings of Internet Exporer, I find this less elegant triple negation:

Disable don't prompt for client certificate selection when no certificates or only one certificate exists

If Kerouac wrote on speed, what did the Microsoft boys use? This is supposed to be a security setting - I should be able to understand what it means without testing the alternatives.

Do they mean

Prompt me before presenting my client certificate to anyone

Or maybe the opposite? This is not the place you should need to know boolean logic.

Configuration terror alert

Configuration terror alert

Just bought a Dell Latitude D620.

The little brat started playing elevator Muzak when I turned it on. The sound control buttons seem to be controlled by software, they do not work during initial configuration.

Deadlock: I will not configure anything with that awful sound. (I nearly stated that I live in Djibouti, out of plain desperation to get on.) And I can't turn off the sound until I have configured it.

Solution: Found a headphone with volume control, plugged it in and turned down the volume.

Tip to the considerate PC salesman: Supply the beast with a dummy minijack plugged into the headphone output.


Skeptisk til flge loven

I flge Aftenposten er Informasjonsdirektr Preben Sandborg Re i Finansnringens Hovedorganisasjon skeptisk til bruken av en 104 r gammel lovparagraf for hindre inndrivelse av spillegjeld.

Loven han sikter til, er 12:

12. 1. Af Spil og Vddemaal opstaar ingen Forpligtelse, og en Anerkjendelse af derved stiftet Gjld er uforbindende. Det samme gjlder Laan eller Forskud, som nogen vidende om iemedet har ydet til Brug ved Spil eller Vddemaal.

Fra 1902 eller ikke, paragrafen blir visst bare mer og mer aktuell. Og sletting av gjelden er den eneste effektive mten hindre at bankene involverer seg i gambling. I prinsippet kan bankene ogs trues med ett rs fengsel etter 298:

298. Den, som gjr sig en Nringsvei af Lykkespil, som ikke ved srskilt Lov er tilladt, eller af at forlede dertil, straffes med Fngsel indtil 1 Aar.

men det ville nok vre vanskelig f en ubetinget dom.

Bankklagenemdas uttalelse

My ISP is on strike

It seems that attempts to write to my home address are blocked by the spam firewall:

This is the Spam Firewall at

I'm sorry to inform you that the message below could not be delivered.
When delivery was attempted, the following error was returned.

<>: host[] said: 503
Error: need RCPT command (in reply to DATA command)

Reporting-MTA: dns;
Arrival-Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 13:33:32 +0100 (WEST)

Final-Recipient: rfc822;
Action: failed
Status: 5.0.0
Diagnostic-Code: X-Spam-Firewall; host[] said: 503
Error: need RCPT command (in reply to DATA command)

Please use work mail.

Update: Strike is over

Froya Tele arbeiir stugt vi at menna tnastur

Froya Tele

Froya Tele vil fra 1.mai 2006 ikke la sine kunder lese epost med POP3 via andre leverandrers nett.

Det er vel greit nok at Froya Tele bare lar egne kunder bruke postserveren deres. Men jeg synes ikke det er srlig vennlig hndheve den begrensningen ved nekte adgang via andre internettforbindelser. Tross alt er jeg kunde, selv om jeg ikke alltid er hjemme. S jeg synes det hadde vrt rimeligere hndheve dette pr brukerkonto, ikke pr forbindelse.

Men nr det presenteres som at menna tnastur til okkara kundar blir det bare tragikomisk. (Det minner mere om noe annet, men jeg er for politisk korrekt til bruke det som skjellsord.)

Dog skal de ha ros for si i fra, de ga jo aldri noen advarsel den gangen de stengte forbindelsen med postklienter i utlandet.

En viktig forskjell p epost og papirpost, er at epost er mere mobil: Jeg kan sende papirpost fra hele verden, men jeg kan bare motta den hjemme i min egen postkasse, max 7 meter fra veien. Epost kan derimot bde sendes og mottas over hele verden. Det ser ikke ut til at Froya Tele har forsttt at epost er en mobil tjeneste? Ironisk nok var det en davrende ansatt i Froya Tele som lrte meg at jeg kunne lese eposten min via en norsk ISP.

Jeg kunne forst begrensninger i SMTP ( sende post) hvis det var for bekjempe spam. (Selv om jeg mener det finnes bedre metoder.) Men begrense POP3 ( lese posten), virker meningslst.


Gi kundi.

Froya Tele arbeiir stugt vi at menna tnastur til okkara kundar og t sambandi hava vit n gjrt nianfyristandandi broytingar.

Eftir 1. mai 2006 verur atgongd til okkara postservarar bert loyvd internetkundum hj Froya Tele.Hetta merkir at atgongd umvegis pop3, pop3s, imap ella imaps, til post-konti liggja postservarum okkara, bert vera virkin vi internetbinding fr Froya Tele. Hetta umfatar uppringt samband, breiband ella fast samband (fyritkur).

Broytingin virkar teir kundar, i hava t-post fr Froya Tele, men sum hava samband fr rum veitara.

Eftir 1. mai 2006 virka Outlook, Outlook Express ella onnur t-post forrit ikki uttan so at kundin er bundin interneti hj Froya Tele.

T verur mguligt at brka webpostatgongd.


Win-Family vil ikke importere en skrivebeskyttet GEDCOM

Jeg prvde importere en skrivebeskyttet GEDCOM til Win-Family. Men det ville den ikke, ikke fr jeg fjernet skrivebeskyttelsen. Hyst foruroligende, selv om jeg ikke har underskt om den endrer fila den importerer. (Jeg har sure erfaringer med at Win-Family delegger sine egne filer, s jeg vil ikke at den skal kl p GEDCOM-filene mine.)

Og etter importen: Win-Family gjemmer winfam.ge6, uten sprre meg hvor det skal gjemmes. Det viser seg at den ble gjemt sammen med program-filene. Som om jeg pleier ta backup av dem. Win-Family er sannelig noe av en ls kanon.


Dell: Too young to die, to old to upgrade

Dell memory - too old at 4 years

The 4 years old (i.e. born 2002) Dell Precision 340 is too slow with only 2x128MB memory.

The memory selector does not even acknowledge the existence of the Precision 340 model. But then the Precision 340 is equipped with Samsung memory, it seems like Dell has since committed to Kingston. (What about some commitment to your customers?)

They require an impossible logon (Catch-22: You have to change to a stronger password before you can log in and update your password) just to look up my service tag. Service tags used to be a good idea... They also require my evening telephone no. (Fat chance!)

Anyone know if Precision 340 can be upgraded to 2x256MB?

Update Dell USA says Your computer supports dual-channel RDRAM RIMMs in 64-, 128-, 256-, and 512-MB capacities. Still not clear to me if the maximum is 2x256MB or 2x512MB, but it should be enough for me, anyway.

Update 2 Memorystock has something.


Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool

I have seen Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool (KB892130) refusing to install. That left me stuck without security updates.

On another machine - while downloading MDAC - I was offered an alternative validation process.

That link did work on the first machine, too. (It will proceed to download MDAC, just cancel that.) And I am of course unable to guarantee anything about how this will work for you. I don't even know if this is legal

Maybe the link to is better - it will not start any download, but tell you that the download you requested is unavailable. Which should be OK, what matters is that you should now be validated.

What chaos, just to prove that you are not a thief.


Hostile Eurofighter

Jeg tenkte jeg skulle se hva forsvaret pnsker p kjpe. S jeg beskte

Thankyou for scanning this IP address. This attempt has been logged to a 3rd Party host.

Mest vennlige velkomst siden H.M.Kongens Garde inviterte Alle Gardens venner er hjertelig velkommen, men nektet meg adgang.


Not much of a library

BMGclassics' Classic Library is not much of a library.

Links to Some Classical Record Companies seems to hint that I can find old Melodyia releases at BMGclassics. But the old Melodyia release of The Execution of Stepan Razin is not among the 30 or so enties in the 'library'. They are in fact all from 2004, like Marianne Faithful's The Seven Deadly Sins


Chessmaster for the Xbox

In my innocent attempt to find a chess program for our (PAL) Xbox, I found Ubisoft's Chessmaster

System Requirements:

Supported in Xbox 1-2 player and online multiplayer (online play requires subscription to Xbox Live sold separately)

No problems there, so I happily click Buy Now!.

Near the end(?) of the shopping process, I get the choice between United States or Canada.

After some communication with support, the conclusion from is:

There are no chessmaster titles available for games consoles.

Kind Regards,
Ubisoft Technical Support

The web sites pretends to be willing to sell Chessmaster for Xbox, but won't.

The support email is?as far as I can tell?an outright lie.



Printing id="tags" in IE6

In , adding the id attribute "tags" to some element will abort print and print preview. Try at readme2.html.

Fun with EU documents

After some Googling, I found the Danish documentation for Accession of Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom at treaties_accession.html.

From there, follow these easy steps:

  1. Click the TIFF image below EF-Tidende nr. L 73 af 27. marts 1972
  2. Type your email address
  3. Click Order
  4. Receive email with FTP and HTTP links.
  5. Use links within 10 days expiry limit.
  6. Unzip the 14 MB file
  7. Open the 206 page TIFF image
  8. Discover that is is written in French
  9. Wonder if the copyright stated for the document is valid. In the Faroe Islands, 9 states that Love, administrative forskrifter, retsafgrelser og lignende offentlige aktstykker er ikke genstand for ophavsret. (Copyright does not apply to laws and similar publications.)

XBRL showcase not well-formed

The XBRL showcase for Microsoft's 2005 Q2 earnings is not well-formed XML, because there are comments at the start of the document.

<--XBRL document created by Rivet XBRL Parser version>
<--Based on XBRL 2.1-->
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

Don't try this at home: Install this CA certificate

The Faroese Telecom is asking cusomers to Install this CA certificate.

This is a very dangerous habit to get your customers into. Even if they do trust this company, the certificate is downloaded unsigned, and may thus have been corrupted on its way.

Please! Froya Tele can surely afford to buy a certificate that is authorized by one of the CAs that are built into the browsers with Verisign as one of the obvious choices.

Update is no more asking me to install a new (and unsigned) root authority. I am only asked if I am willing to accept an expired certificate for this session. Which I am, I wouldn't mind browsing my telephone bill on unencrypted http. But I do mind sites that get its customers into the habit of accepting expired certificates signed by unknown authorities. This page really is from, because I say so myself!.

certificate has expired

The Royal Theatre of Copenhagen welcomes Elvis Costello

The Royal Theatre: 7 Hans Christian Andersen productions planned, including a brand new opera composed by Elvis Costello to be played at the new Copenhagen Opera House, (inauguration January 2005).

But they don't seem to know it yet: circular error

According to, I should update to the Latest InstallShield Installation Engines:

If the file version number starts with 6:
  1. Delete the folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\engine from the machine.
  2. Download IkernelUpdate.exe.
  3. Once downloaded, double-click it. This installs the InstallShield engine for your installation.

But when I install IkernelUpdate.exe, I get an error that again directs me to update to the Latest InstallShield Installation Engines in an endless circle.

I have an MSI log, it does not make me any wiser:

=== Verbose logging started: 11-10-2004 12:15:48 Build type: SHIP UNICODE 2.00.2600.1183 Calling process: C:\WINNT\Profiles\XXXXXX~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\pft23F5.tmp\Disk1\Setup.exe ===
MSI (c) (14:40): Resetting cached policy values
MSI (c) (14:40): Machine policy value 'Debug' is 0
MSI (c) (14:40): ******* RunEngine:
******* Product: {8B114997-C963-11D3-BBAD-00C04F5996A7}
******* Action:
******* CommandLine: **********
MSI (c) (14:40): Client-side and UI is none or basic: Running entire install on the server.
MSI (c) (14:40): Grabbed execution mutex.
MSI (c) (14:40): Failed to connect to server. Error: 0x80070005

MSI (c) (14:40): Failed to connect to server.
MSI (c) (14:40): MainEngineThread is returning 1601
=== Verbose logging stopped: 11-10-2004 12:15:48 ===

Om ta sin egen medisin

Jeg fikk ikke lest e-post fra Froya Tele i dag. S jeg slo opp p siden de har for teknisk status i nettet, der str det bare OK , OK og OK.

Derfor ringte jeg nummeret for betalt support (+298 902121, som heller ikke er finne p De kan fortelle meg at de har betalt for en kunngjring i radio om at det er forstyrrelser i eposten i dag.

Et internettfirma som bruker penger p oplyse om driftsproblemer i radio, men ikke p holde sin egen hjemmeside oppdatert.

Copy and paste non-ASCII host names

Mozilla and Opera will place on the clipboard if you Copy Link from either of the links or

But that URL won't work in Microsoft IE. Microsoft deserves that : Do to Microsoft what Microsoft would have done to you. Still, I think users deserve better, both links should be copied as

IBM's conversion tool.

Internet Explorer doesn't read application/xhtml+xml

Internet Explorer is generally able to render XHTML like HTML. But if the MIME is application/xhtml+xml, it simply won't open the page itself. (On my PC, it leaves the job to FireFox - a wise choice.) See e.g. MathML Torture Test. (IE probably couldn't render the MathML anyway, but that's not the issue here.) For pages with MIME application/*, asking how to open it  is good policy. But when the type is application/xhtml+xml, IE should know it is able to open it. And for any application/*+xml, an XML capable browser should have the possibility to render the page in the browser itself.

Secret Xerox error code

When scanning with Xerox Workcentre 24, I received the error message 016-783 that I was unable to find any documentation on.

For the benefit of my fellow victims: The problem was that the FTP server to receive the scans was misconfigured - the directory didn't exist, or missing write permission or something.

Update: The Xerox search is still clueless. But Google now finds 016-783. Cause - Could not find the specified server path during file at User

Anonymisering med SOUNDEX ?


Sundhedsstyrelsen skrer igennem mange rs debat og indfrer registrering af alle hiv-smittede, lige fra deres frste kontakt med sundhedsvsenet, skriver Dagens Medicin.
Alle, der testes positivt, registreres med en skaldt soundex-kode, som sikrer en hj grad af anonymitet og samtidig giver et plideligt billede af antallet af smittede

Problemet er at SOUNDEX ikke er noe krypteringsverkty.

Tvert om er det et verkty for gjre det mulig finne en person, selv om du ikke vet nyaktig hvordan navnet hans staves.

Leter man for eksempel etter Skinhj har navnet SOUNDEX S520. Men om jeg feilstaver Skinhoj eller Skinnhoj, s har de ogs SOUNDEX-kode S520. S jeg finner ham allikevel.

Kan noen forklare meg: Hva er s anonymt ved at folk kan finne HIV-statusen til en person, selv om de ikke en gang klarer stave navnet hans rett?

SOUNDEX software

(En artikkel i Dagens Medicin antyder at formlet ikke er anonymisering, bare unng at en positiv HIV-test kan brukes som bevis i en rettsak. Hvilket er viktig nok.)

Sabotaging support links

My friendly Dell dealer found the Array Manager tool I need at

Dell wants nothing of it, so they redirect to without the query part.

De rettferdiges jazz-jazz

I en rettferdig verden hadde Ornette Coleman vrt like populr som fjorrets trekkplaster Diana Krall sier festivalsjef [i Kongsberg 59.66759.6493 Jazzfestival] Martin Revheim.

Det er organisasjonskulturen i Jazzfestivalen i et ntteskall: Publikum er til for artistene, det er ikke konsertene som er til for publikum.

Ornette Coleman har spilt i Kongsberg fr, og jeg var der. Ett vil jeg ha sagt: Du skal ikke g p konsert med Coleman uten vite hva du gjr.

Jeg sier ikke at musikken er drlig, og Coleman er utvilsomt et viktig grunnlag for andre, for eksempel John Zorn.

Men jeg insisterer p at dette ikke er musikk for alle. Og at en tung konsert blir ikke bedre av at et flertall av publikum misliker musikken. S det er egentlig godt at konserten ikke selger som Krall. Mon tro hvorfor Coleman's verker mangler i festivaldiskografien? Det skulle vel aldri vre fordi det ville skremme fler enn det ville lokke?

Visveg fra Bryggen til Skoltegrunnskaien

Skal vi tro Visveg, er dette kjreruten fra Bryggen (p stsiden av Vgen) til Skoltegrunnskaien (grnn kartnl).

[According to Visveg, this is the route from Bryggen (east of Vgen) to Skoltegrunnskaien (the green needle)].

Feil rute til Skoltegrunnskaien

Den ruta bringer deg noks nr Skoltegrunnskaien, men du m svmme det siste stykket

[That route gets you quite close to your destination, but you'll have to swim the last leg.] 60.40035.314

No parts of this website may be [...] linked-to

No parts of this website may be used, copied or linked-to without permission. But no robots.txt

Well, if she wants to stay unheard of?

Google returns links that never existed

Google, in its present incarnation, returns URLs that, to paraphrase Apocalypse Now!: do not exist... nor will they ever exist.

The link to http://sj/ is a bait for this Google search.

Because there are no web servers in the .sj domain, google has listed http://sj/ without consulting robots.txt. Or?did they try, but was told the domain has no IP? If so, they should also know that http://sj/ is an invalid URL?

The link to http://sj/ may actually work in browsers with the stupid auto-search feature, e.g. Mozilla FireFox. Not a good thing, because the URL visited may change unexpectedly. - the Emperor's new clothes

Google has got a lot of hype ablut their so-called local search.

But--leaving Google's rock solid reputation for result integrity behind--this search seems to return paid submissions only. That makes the local search just one more yellow pages wannabe. Here in Scandinavia, the Yellow Pages markes is solidly owned by the telephone companies, Google's entry into this market will only makes searching for a business more difficult.

As long as the integrity of the old Google is intact, I'd recommend searching for the ZIP code there. I also recommend free directories like (the now dead) and DMOZ.

2004-09-15: Results seem more complete now, e.g. kayak Eastsound. Still US only, probably because it still doesn't use WGS84 meta data.

Kiri Te Kanawa and Jethro Tull: Secret performance.

Kiri Te Kanawa and Jethro Tull will play Listastevna Froya 2004 in Trshavn, but that page is not updated yet. The tickets are sold at Norurlandahsi.

Page is now online: Kiri Te Kanawa Kiri Te Kanawa and Jethro Tull.

Also see and their news feed.

Skipping past DVD copyright notices

If a play a DVD, I have to wait out a copyright notice?I can't skip past it.

What are they afraid of? That a pirate will get off the hook in court by claiming that he skipped past the copyright notice too fast to read it?

Is disrespect for paying customers really a good strategy against piracy? If I could copy DVDs, the copies would be better than the originals, because I would not have to suffer through the copyright notices.

The enemy has a name: user operation prohibition (UOP)

Let it be...copy controlled

The Beatles: Let it be...naked doesn't play on my DVD player, even worse?it sounds like it is tearing the mechanics apart.

And it didn't play on my PC.

However, a CD-R with all the audio tracks is playing without a hitch.

So shat is this copy controlled business? Selling CDs that can only be copied, not played?

(To be fair, it did play on my old Sony, as well as on a cheap Dantax)

Wrapping Rage

Never leave a shop with one of those hard-to-unpack items.

Insist that the shopkeeper unwrap your items, before paying for them.

'Evil' wrapping is probably designed to make items hard to steal. But it also makes them hard to buy. Let the shops have a taste of their own medicine.

(Maybe I'll make an exception for tooth brushes, I'd like them to be clean when I get home.)

Adobe Download Manager.

The first thing Adobe Download Manager does when I try to download Reader 6.0.1, is deleting my existing 6.0.0.

Using the same file name for both versions is also stupid - if I am prompted if I want to overwrite the old file, I assume I already have the newest version, and answer no. The version no shown in the properties pop-up, is not - it is !

Microsoft is not a monopoly, at least not when it comes to stupidity.

(I am stupid too, I should have checked "Do not use Adobe Download Manager")

Windows update - too difficult for me...

OK - so Windowsupdate tells me to install the 2.8 MB KB832894. No link to the download.

I want to burn it on CD, so I can distribute it to my modem users.

Here I try to protect the world--including Microsoft and even SCO--from MyDoom; Microsoft could be more helpful in that fight.

Then again, a PC on a slow modem is no serious dDoS threat agains the Microsoft site, so why should they bother?

Finally found a list of updates in MS04-004. Only two clicks away, but not at all easy to find.

SvF gjaldskipan (Sjnvarp Froya)

SvF sender ut regninger uten kontonummer p, meningen er penbart presse kundene til inng avtale om gjaldskipan (automatisk trekk fra bankkontoen).

Etter riktig mange ebrev, har jeg endelig ftt vite at de har kontonumre:

6460-2601208 (Froya Banki)
0056065 (Postgiro)

Etteretninger for sjfarende

Jeg m innrmme at jeg aldri fr har lest Etteretninger for sjfarende. Men jeg ville n trodd at ei 'ny' grunne i skipsleia fortjente mer oppmerksomhet enn bare en melding om at rde sektoren p Hilleren er utvidet.

Og selv om grunna ligger innenfor den nyredigerte 10meterskonturen, s kunne det vrt spandert et plusstegn for markere den som be.

Det nye kartet er sikkert OK for en som seiler Vatlestraumen for frste gang. Men det er urealistisk at folk som er kjent der, skal legge merke til at 10-meterskonturen er redigert. Jeg trodde det var mye av hensikten med Etteretninger for sjfarende, hjelpe folk til se hva som er nytt p det nye kartet?

Det er klart losen har plikt til seile etter det nyeste kartet. Men det ikke dermed akseptabelt at noen stiller seg opp etter en ulykke og sier: Ha, ha, vi visste om den grunna, vi. Dette er finskrifteri som er en jurist verdig.

(Displaced META: <meta name="ICBM" content="60.33666667, 5.187222222" />)

MetaCarta - not geographic telephone intel

MetaCarta, according to the BBC, is a system for geographical intelligence gathering, which might even be able to find Bin Laden.

But their registration page is not able to recognize Faroese telephone numbers as valid, it insists that a valid phone number must have at least 10 digits, I had to pad my +2982622xx to +2982622xx0 to satisfy their 'validity' test.

(I don't think Bin Laden need to worry.)

Rocknes mot rdt lys?

I flge NRK Hordaland sa sjkartverksdirektren at skipet var i rd sektor, uansett om det ble brukt nytt eller gammelt kart.

Hva s? Det er en feil kjre en bil mot rdt lys, men det er bde OK og ndvendig seile skip i rd sektor.

Dette er propaganda for f landkrabber til tro at losen har gjort noe feil.

Sektorfarvene rd, grnn og hvit betyr i utgangspunktet ingenting, fr de er satt i sammenheng med kartet. Vanligvis er skipsleia markert av smale hvite sektorer, og farer med rde sektorer. men du m lese kartet for vite hvilken lykt som markerer den aktuelle delen av leia, og hvor i den rde sektoren det er noe farlig.

For seile langs norskekysten uten komme i rd sektor, skal det seiles langt uttaskjrs.

Hvordan mener Statens Kartverk at man skal seile gjennom Vatlestraumen, uten komme inn i den rde sektoren fra lykta p Hilleren?

Sjkart, Vatlestraumen

tags: 60.3388N 5.1823

WAPforum has classified the WML spec

WAPforum has password protected their specs, e.g. the WML 1.3. (I told them about it 4 days ago, no answer yet.)
Now wonder they didn't answer, the address given in Feedback Form is the following addresses had permanent fatal errors:

The specs are now available at openmobilealliance, e.g. WML 1.3.

Bad web design equals popular brand name

Sony and BMW are supposedly among the 3 most popular brand names on Google.

Guess they're proud of that, and will give fat bonuses to their web managers.

Even if the reason for this 'popularity' is obvious to me: You can't find information on Sony products at Sony's site, nor information on BMWs at You simply have to google to find anything at all.

Last I tried, googling for BMW R 1100 did not return a single hit on any of BMW's pages. They should rather donate their web budget to the likes of

(More rants on corporate web design.)

Update: No 1 hit on the above google search, is now Though not in the domain, it is owned by an organization called BMW Of North America.

(But the design is terrible. Pop-up windows with fixed width, too narrow for the content.)

Where Nokia hides the 3510i spec

I could not find much technical documentation for the 3510i at

But I found it at

(To find that location, I first opened from the phone, then searched for "3510i" in with a web browser.)

Playing with administrator account

Red Alert 2and Warcraft IIIboth need the player to log in with an Administrator account.

Warcraft does at least have the courtesy to report that as an error, while Red Alert simply fails.

Neither game states this as a requrement on the box.

I find this incredibly arrogant; even if the child owns the PC, he should not log on with administrative rights, just to play.

In my case, it is my machine, and makingthe child an administrator, is not an option.

Solved, by giving the children full access to the games' parts of the registry.

Acer: Empowering people

Empowering People

Empowering me? That's nice.

But I'd rather find the u2awdm.sys file that I need for an external Acer CD-ROM writer.

Choosing Support and Downloads, then Denmark. The only info in that page is:

I found one page, a firmware update for Acer CR40. The actual device doesn't have any model name on it, so I don't know if it's a CR40. But I'm looking for a driver, not firmware.

I'll try the email, and report back, if that works.

Searching results in Invalid URL. Sorry, you seem to have tried to access an invalid page or mistyped the url.Then it redirects within 5 seconds, before anyone can see what happended. Empowering, indeed.

Kampen om kundene

Kapitalismen har det med propagandere om "kampen om kundene". Det jeg opplever "in the trenches", ligner mere p kampen mot kundene, derfor denne kategorien.

Scandinavian movies - no English subtitles

I have a few DVDs from my native Scandinavia. Not one of them has English subtitles. At least Elling, Insomnia and Ronja Rverdatter must exist in versions with English subtitles.

When non-Scandinavians drop by, I might like to show them one of these movies. That is, if they had subtitling, so they could understand them.

So what is the business idea behind the exclusion of the English subtitles? Even if they think that I'd buy two versions of each DVD, just in case, it would not be easy for my to buy them.

The status is: I want to promote Scandinavian movies to 'foreigners', but the DVDs are designed to make that as difficult as possible.

Nokia: "Find your phone"

To geniale sider for velge rett Nokiatelefon:

Find Your Phone er klassisk " mye penger har'u 'a?"

Compare Phones bygger tross alt p spesifikasjoner. Men kan jeg velge ut fra om telefonen sttter WAP 2.0, dvs XHTML Mobile Profile? Kan jeg velge ut fra hvilke bildeformater som stttes?

Kisses of death


Whenever I like a product, they stop making it. I feel like a walking Judas kiss.

I finally found a CD shelf I did like. Bought one. Two weeks later I ordered one more: Sorry, discontinued.

Just like my favorite HTML editor, HoTMetaL; bought by Corel, and killed.

Blocking deep links.

Smyril Line has a very useful page, one that shows estimated arrival and departure times. When I last visited, the url was{6F8247E3-AA48-416F-85EB-F67DA737F0BA}&Doc={E90206C2-EF37-46D9-8F63-AACC5483E14A}.

If you try to follow my link, you will get redirected to a language choice menu; choosing one, will still not take you to estimated arrivals.

I understand (and disagree with) the thinking behind such blocking of deep links at a newspaper site.

But why a ferry company would want to do that to one of its most useful pages, is beyond my imagination.

Latest: They did not block on purpose, the new link is now usable.

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