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Il segno del comando suggesting alternatives to the film "Il segno del comando". Amazon recommendations may also be off, but these are obviously based on the phrase "il segno" being present in all the titles. OK, maybe we do buy DVD by title...

Local Short-Term Prediction of Wind Speed

Local Short-Term Prediction of Wind Speed - det mtte da vre noe for nye Norrna, s den kan se vindkulene komme nr den skal legge til kai, i nrheten av de 20 m/s vind den er designet for kunne klare?

Wrapping Rage

Never leave a shop with one of those hard-to-unpack items.

Insist that the shopkeeper unwrap your items, before paying for them.

'Evil' wrapping is probably designed to make items hard to steal. But it also makes them hard to buy. Let the shops have a taste of their own medicine.

(Maybe I'll make an exception for tooth brushes, I'd like them to be clean when I get home.)

Reigen by Arthur Schnitzler

Sleeping Around is based on the play Reigen, written by Arthur Schnitzler in Vienna in 1897, first staged in 1920.

A 1917 English translation is called REIGEN (Hands Around), usually the English title is Merry-go-round.

It has been filmed as La Ronde in 1950.

Authors related to Schnitzler.

In San Fransisco, Seduction is another play based on Reigen.

Barbkasavni (Internet Explorer only?)

Frumframfrsla Sjnleikarhsinum leygardagin 13. mars 2004

Sleeping Around

Modernaur og beinrakin leikur fr 1997, sum lsir 12 ymisk flk, 6 ungar kvinnur og 6 ungar menn, einum hrum strbarumhvrvi. Allir persnarnir vera lstir fr tveimum heilt ymsum sjnarhornum, og allir realisera seg sjlvan ein ella annan htt leikinum. Leikurin byrjar eitt frggjakvld og endar tliga mnamorgun.

Danish, the official language of Danishia

Danish translation.

Those of us who make mistakes on the internet, should think about coding <meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOARCHIVE" />

There, and back again. (Sensaura headphones)

RailwayStation is a nice piece of figurative music.

Through the use of the crosstalk cancellation process, these recordings are intended to be listened to using a stereo speaker setup.

So to listen with headphones, the signal has to be processed back, with e.g. Dolby Headphones.

The original recording probably sounds better than a signal that has been processed by Sensaura, and then reversed with Dolby Headphones?

As a technology demonstation, it would also be interesting to compare the Sensaura signal on speakers, whith the original on headphones?

With multichannel SACD, downloable MP3 etc., I don't think Sensaura sound should ever be published alone—it should always be followed by the original version, to make it suitable for headphones.

The audiophile realisation offers the listener the highest possible unadulterated original product; even the exacting demands of reception with high-end systems will be satisfied through our special recording technique (Dummy Head + binaural computer room-simulation from AachenHEAD)

To me, the unadulterated original product of a dummy head recording, is listening to the original recording with headphones.

Adobe Download Manager.

The first thing Adobe Download Manager does when I try to download Reader 6.0.1, is deleting my existing 6.0.0.

Using the same file name for both versions is also stupid - if I am prompted if I want to overwrite the old file, I assume I already have the newest version, and answer no. The version no shown in the properties pop-up, is not - it is !

Microsoft is not a monopoly, at least not when it comes to stupidity.

(I am stupid too, I should have checked "Do not use Adobe Download Manager")

The legality of 12.7mm Multi-Purpose ammo

Multi-Purpose Delayed Fragmentation

Norwegian use of the 12.7mm (a.k.a. tolv-sju, .50 BMG) Multipurpose (Mk211 Mod 0) round is limited by the following two conventions:

The St.Petersburg Declaration

Declaration Renouncing the Use, in Time of War, of Explosive Projectiles Under 400 Grammes Weight. Saint Petersburg, 29 November / 11 December 1868. The Contracting Parties engage mutually to renounce, in case of war among themselves, the employment by their military or naval troops of any projectile of a weight below 400 grammes, which is either explosive or charged with fulminating or inflammable substances.

The Hague Conference

Final Act Of the International Peace Conference. The Hague, 29 July 1899. To prohibit the use of bullets which expand or flatten easily in the human body, such as bullets with a hard envelope, of which the envelope does not entirely cover the core or is pierced with incisions.

At 47g, the 12.7mm MP is clearly below 400g, and is affected by St.Petersburg. Whether it expands or flattens easily in the human body is less clear.

Both conventions prohibit the use of such ammo against other states that have signed. Iraq hasn't signed, nor has the U.S., so Norway may freely use the MP round against them, as well as for any civilian purpose.

That doesn't imply that selling the MPs to civilians and non-signing states is very wise or ethical.

Clear treaty text vs military needs

No matter how clear the treaty text is, when the military and political needs are strong enough, the treaty will have to go.

With Blitzkrieg technology, we got very tempting targets (aircraft, vehicles) for explosive projectiles in the 12.7-40mm range, as well as good guns to deliver those rounds.

As a result, the commonly accepted interpretation of St.Petersburg is now that it only applies to individual targeting of humans. I.e., the use of 12.7 MP in itself is legal, with each gunner responsible for not targeting humans. See Moosberg: Swedish Use of 12.7 MP.

What's in a name: Multi Purpose

As the 12.7 MP is a reasonable compromise round for both material and human targets, the name seems to imply that one of its purposes is human targets. Given that targeting humans is illegal, the name is unfortunate.

Comment from a reader who has not signed the above conventions: Man this is some sweet ammo, you should see what it does to an 88 Volkswagen Passat

Apocalypse Now! redux

Les Soldats Perdus

The additional scenes in the so-called redux version of Apocalypse Now! are good cinema, if seen in isolation.

But they water down the "real" Apocalypse Now!

  • Burlesque comedy, like the stolen surf board, damages the credibility. In the original, I can believe that Kilgore is not court martialed--in the redux, I can't.
  • Romantics, complete with syrup strings. Ain't no strings on my old soundtrack double LP.
  • The added political and historical dialogue is probably OK, even if it doesn't clarify much.

If you cut from the core Apocalypse material to get the redux version down to reasonable length, it would become a good Hollywood movie.

Thwarting spam - it's not rocket science

Information Asymmetry and Twarting Spam:

Filling in the values, it is easy to see that...

Still, I will read it - the economic approach seems more promising than the legal.

"wealth transfer from senders to recipients" -- that sounds like "money". From what I hear, it's an old Heinlein idea; applied to telephone calls, in some book of his.

Any economic approach to reducing spam, will need a technical infrastructure. If this one involves money, it is too complex to be feasible.

Don't play with your food

Sheep's head and blood is food.

Being from Sogn in Norway, these guys should know that playing with your food is not nice.

Sheep's heads on stakes

Windows update - too difficult for me...

OK - so Windowsupdate tells me to install the 2.8 MB KB832894. No link to the download.

I want to burn it on CD, so I can distribute it to my modem users.

Here I try to protect the world--including Microsoft and even SCO--from MyDoom; Microsoft could be more helpful in that fight.

Then again, a PC on a slow modem is no serious dDoS threat agains the Microsoft site, so why should they bother?

Finally found a list of updates in MS04-004. Only two clicks away, but not at all easy to find.

SvF gjaldskipan (Sjnvarp Froya)

SvF sender ut regninger uten kontonummer p, meningen er penbart presse kundene til inng avtale om gjaldskipan (automatisk trekk fra bankkontoen).

Etter riktig mange ebrev, har jeg endelig ftt vite at de har kontonumre:

6460-2601208 (Froya Banki)
0056065 (Postgiro)

Etteretninger for sjfarende

Jeg m innrmme at jeg aldri fr har lest Etteretninger for sjfarende. Men jeg ville n trodd at ei 'ny' grunne i skipsleia fortjente mer oppmerksomhet enn bare en melding om at rde sektoren p Hilleren er utvidet.

Og selv om grunna ligger innenfor den nyredigerte 10meterskonturen, s kunne det vrt spandert et plusstegn for markere den som be.

Det nye kartet er sikkert OK for en som seiler Vatlestraumen for frste gang. Men det er urealistisk at folk som er kjent der, skal legge merke til at 10-meterskonturen er redigert. Jeg trodde det var mye av hensikten med Etteretninger for sjfarende, hjelpe folk til se hva som er nytt p det nye kartet?

Det er klart losen har plikt til seile etter det nyeste kartet. Men det ikke dermed akseptabelt at noen stiller seg opp etter en ulykke og sier: Ha, ha, vi visste om den grunna, vi. Dette er finskrifteri som er en jurist verdig.

(Displaced META: <meta name="ICBM" content="60.33666667, 5.187222222" />)

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