Steel Bridge

Iron sheet bridge in a Trshavn park

A bridge in a Trshavn park, made from a single sheet of steel.

Windows protocol handler

Why is there no competition to write Windows protocol handlers?

I would expect Skype, Microsoft Phone Dialer and others to engage in stiff competition, offering protocol handlers for tel:298123456 and wtai://wp/mc;+298318305 links.

For Amazon to write handlers for urn:isbn: and urn:asin:B000071IYQ should also be a no-brainer.

Wikipedia has URLs like in place to handle ISBN references, all that is missing, is a protocol handler to make the connection from urn:isbn:1-8806-54-113. As long as Wikipedia does not handle the urn:asin: protocol, those links should probably be delegated to Google or Amazon.

How to register an application to a URL protocol

Free Mojtaba and Arash Day

Free Mojtaba and Arash Day

Google spam

Amazing. When searching for Knud Olsen Ellingsgaard , I find several pages that are composed of random fragments of real text, mixed with different links, that all redirect to the same site. A site that contains no info whatsoever about Mr. Ellingsgaard. But Google takes the bait.

When an esoteric search like this one is spammed, what search is not? Will we get a web where the majority of text are random quotes, designed to attract the spiders?


Vienna underground Moir

Moir effects are generally ugly. But this one, from Viennaslide is amusing. Does it show something that was not present at all in Viennaslide-03660102.jpg before downsampling? Or does the small image tell more than the large one about the small irregularities present in the real iron? - ker mest

Viste sider på kte mer enn 200% fra uke 8 til uke 9. is a new (or reborn) geographic search engine, based on geo.position META elements in the HTML HEAD.

While Google is still stuck with US zip codes.



Bak ei svr tue nord for rekkehusene millum Gilja, ute av syne fra vinduene, stod det ei kasse l midt p fastelavenssndagen. En som ikke fr ha l hjemme? En som har for lite kjleskap?

P frysk kalles er bortgjemt alkohollager for et reir, s dette er nok et vrtegn.

Surprisingly poor performance by Amazon

Amazon does not know the difference between authors with the same name. The Far Islands and Other Cold Places and My Love Affair with Jewelry are written by different authors, both named Elizabeth Taylor.

To my surprise, both books link to the author with Elizabeth Taylor, resulting in a list with all 215 books by authors having that name.

My page is being used to increase someone's Google rating

RZ Concepts, Inc uses a link to my page The Economics of Web Design to increase their own Google rank. (But I hardly think Google will be fooled by identical links in triplicate.)

There is nothing much I can do about that, except being flattered. And wonder if they really want to optimize their Google rank for search enginge optimization? Maybe they do—there is stiff competition, almost 500 hits.

Note that I use rel="nofollow" in some of the links above, to prevent boosting their rank.

91 Stomperud -- svensk?

N nr vi er s godt i gang med feire unionsopplsningen – og s viser det seg at 91 Stomperud egentlig er den svenske 91:an? Som attptil ser ut til vre bedre tegnet enn den norske kopien.

91:an Stomperud

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