Kiri Te Kanawa and Jethro Tull: Secret performance.

Kiri Te Kanawa and Jethro Tull will play Listastevna Froya 2004 in Trshavn, but that page is not updated yet. The tickets are sold at Norurlandahsi.

Page is now online: Kiri Te Kanawa Kiri Te Kanawa and Jethro Tull.

Also see and their news feed.

Skipping past DVD copyright notices

If a play a DVD, I have to wait out a copyright notice?I can't skip past it.

What are they afraid of? That a pirate will get off the hook in court by claiming that he skipped past the copyright notice too fast to read it?

Is disrespect for paying customers really a good strategy against piracy? If I could copy DVDs, the copies would be better than the originals, because I would not have to suffer through the copyright notices.

The enemy has a name: user operation prohibition (UOP)

Let it be...copy controlled

The Beatles: Let it be...naked doesn't play on my DVD player, even worse?it sounds like it is tearing the mechanics apart.

And it didn't play on my PC.

However, a CD-R with all the audio tracks is playing without a hitch.

So shat is this copy controlled business? Selling CDs that can only be copied, not played?

(To be fair, it did play on my old Sony, as well as on a cheap Dantax)

Islamkritikk er ikke politisk korrekt

Frsteamanuensis Kari Vogt sammenlikner boka "Hvorfor jeg ikke er muslim" med den rasistiske svindelen "Sions vises protokoller". (OK, dette er en gammel lenke. Men jeg finner ikke bedre og nyere nyheter noe sted.)

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Jenis av Rana in Parliament

Real Audio by Jenis av Rana in the Faroese Parliament 2004-02-11. [On how to conserve Faroese culture]

Ryggradsdonor skes.

Sosialistisk Venstreparti nsker yngre ssterparti, til donor for ryggradstransplantasjon.

Det skal vre forbudt avle mennesker for skaffe reservedeler til andre. Dog kan der dispenseres hvis noen har bruk for reservedelene.

Reviews of Sleeping Around

Reviews from the papers (subscribers only): Sosialurin and Dimmaltting.

But was that good propaganda?

Sexy burkha war plane nose art

Image from the Gulf War 1991, painted on RAF war plane. Was it good propaganda?

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