XBRL showcase not well-formed

The XBRL showcase for Microsoft's 2005 Q2 earnings is not well-formed XML, because there are comments at the start of the document.

<--XBRL document created by Rivet XBRL Parser version>
<--Based on XBRL 2.1-->
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

...is a Verisign Secure Site

Verisign logo

This page claims that ONLINE.TOLLSKATT.FO is a VeriSign Secure Site.

Is that true? While https://online.tollskatt.fo/ seems to be signed all right, http://online.tollskatt.fo/ is not signed or encrypted in any way.

The real Queen of Sky

The real queenofsky.com

And any site claiming to support QueenOfSky without linking to her blog, is incompetent or worse.

Exact location of the Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic & Arctic Oceans, Norwegian Sea

Microsoft MapPoint gives the exact location of the Atlantic Ocean. On a good day, it should be possible to cross this Atlantic Ocean in a kayak.

Mergers and acquisitions

On February 2nd 2004, pf. Elektron acquired Toll - og Skattstova Foroya (Faroe Islands Customs and Tax Authorities).

As certified by Verisign, Toll - og Skattstova Foroya is now an organizational unit under Elektron.

Unless Verisign has made a slight mistake here, this bank owned data processing center has gained control over the national tax authorities. (The data center probably is authorized to run the tax web pages for the government; that makes the tax authorities a customer of Elektron, but hardly an organizational unit.)

I would expect Verisign to look for Elektron in the domain registration info, before accepting Elektron as owner of the domain?

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