Dell: Too young to die, to old to upgrade

Dell memory - too old at 4 years

The 4 years old (i.e. born 2002) Dell Precision 340 is too slow with only 2x128MB memory.

The memory selector does not even acknowledge the existence of the Precision 340 model. But then the Precision 340 is equipped with Samsung memory, it seems like Dell has since committed to Kingston. (What about some commitment to your customers?)

They require an impossible logon (Catch-22: You have to change to a stronger password before you can log in and update your password) just to look up my service tag. Service tags used to be a good idea... They also require my evening telephone no. (Fat chance!)

Anyone know if Precision 340 can be upgraded to 2x256MB?

Update Dell USA says Your computer supports dual-channel RDRAM RIMMs in 64-, 128-, 256-, and 512-MB capacities. Still not clear to me if the maximum is 2x256MB or 2x512MB, but it should be enough for me, anyway.

Update 2 Memorystock has something.


A strange F-16

Frogma has an article on aircraft wings and paddles. With a photo of a strange F-16:


Does not look like the F-16s roaming my native Norwegian skies, they have a cropped delta along with horizontal tail surfaces .

Might be the F-16XL. Not that this affects her argument in any way - the delta-winged aircraft in her photo is a better illustration than the 'normal' F-16 would have been.

Publicity photo from the Royal Norwegian Air Force:

332 squadron - united we fight

Som 'spare penger' p utsalg

Fra Forbes: USA innfrer skattelette for biler som sparer mye bensin. Ikke bruker lite men sparer mye. Og fr kunne spare mye skal en bil vre stor og tung. Honda Insight probably won't qualify at all.

Dette er som rose noen for alle pengene de har spart p utsalg. Mens det finnes et enkelt og elegant kapitalistisk alternativ: Dyrere bensin. Artig se USA plukke opp noe av det vrste fra sosialdemokratiets verktykasse.

The meeting of cultures requires mutual respect

Forsoning nu says that the meeting of cultures requires mutual respect.

But between a culture of freedom, and a culture that demands submission, there is little common ground where they can meet. An agreement like: If I am kind enough not to offend you, you must be kind enough not to kill me, is not mutual respect - that is giving in to threats and intimidation.

I do believe a civilized and respectful dialogue may be possible between western secularism and Quran-based Islam. But not with the polytheist idolaters who worship their prophet as a god, and read hadith like the Quran itself.


Er det hevn kreve sin rett?

Fordi mannen jobber svart, fr ikke kvinnen s mye bidrag som hun har krav p og hevner seg derved ved g til Skatteetaten

Nr ble det hevn og angiveri kreve sin (og sine barns) rett?

Scraping our own site

Scobleizer tells about Feed43.

Took a bit head scratching to get the patterns right. But as long as the CMS behind the page does not supply feeds, landsbank-fo.xml seems a reasonable alternative.

more feeds:

Nemi feed

Frste forsk p Nemi feed fraFeed43. Jeg br lre meg mer om mnsteruttrykkene deres.


Art by accident

In IE6, I feel like output.xml is art by accident. (IE6 does not quite handle the CSS table styling defined in table.css.)

Art by accident

Nemi: respekt og selvutslettelse

Det str stor respekt av  be om unnskyldning nr man har gjort noe galt. Men det er selvutslettende  si det for mye!

Det str stor respekt av be om unnskyldning nr man har gjort noe galt. Men det er selvutslettende si det for mye!
Nemi Montoya
English translation:
  • Don't apologize all the time
  • I'm sorry!
  • I'm serious! Apologizing for what wrong you have done, is good. But apologizing too much is self-renunciation.
  • I'm sor...
  • ...!
  • Shut up!
  • Good girl


Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool

I have seen Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool (KB892130) refusing to install. That left me stuck without security updates.

On another machine - while downloading MDAC - I was offered an alternative validation process.

That link did work on the first machine, too. (It will proceed to download MDAC, just cancel that.) And I am of course unable to guarantee anything about how this will work for you. I don't even know if this is legal

Maybe the link to is better - it will not start any download, but tell you that the download you requested is unavailable. Which should be OK, what matters is that you should now be validated.

What chaos, just to prove that you are not a thief.



Selv mener jeg n at bde muslimer og andre skal f brenne s mange flagg de vil, s lenge de har kjpt flaggene og overholder brannforskriftene.

Men partiet som har vansirede versjoner av Merki:


og Dannebrog:


p websiden sin, vil skjerpe loven.

De burde feie for egen dr, og ellers holde munn.


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