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Well, if my need is unique, it does not seem likely than anyone has developed a solution, does it?

I love marketingspeach.

The Bryan Ferry interview

From Welt am Sonntag:

Aber die Art und Weise, wie sich die Nazis inszeniert und präsentiert haben, meine Herren! Ich spreche von den Filmen von Leni Riefenstahl und den Gebäuden von Albert Speer und den Massenaufmärschen und den Flaggen - einfach fantastisch. Wirklich schön.

Well, to me it is pretty obvious that Triumph des Willens is a good movie. Does meaning that make me a Nazi? Or is it saying so that makes me one?

Part of the problem is that people confuse etics and esthetics. When people believe that good looks equals good ethics, good-looking Nazis become a problem.

The solution is not in denying the obvious quality of Riefenstahl's movie. The solution is detaching beauty from ethics.

The 9/11 attack on World Trade Center was the best staging ever of a terrorist act.
That does not make it ethical.

Why does Ferry's opinion matter more than mine, anyway? Whether an artist is praising Nazi movies or organizing Live-Aid, what he says should be jugded by what he says, not by who he is. (That was one of the messages of The Wall, where Pink was played by Geldof.)

Personally I am more offended by Ferry seeming to endorse speeding in his Audi A8.

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