Fun with EU documents

After some Googling, I found the Danish documentation for Accession of Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom at treaties_accession.html.

From there, follow these easy steps:

  1. Click the TIFF image below EF-Tidende nr. L 73 af 27. marts 1972
  2. Type your email address
  3. Click Order
  4. Receive email with FTP and HTTP links.
  5. Use links within 10 days expiry limit.
  6. Unzip the 14 MB file
  7. Open the 206 page TIFF image
  8. Discover that is is written in French
  9. Wonder if the copyright stated for the document is valid. In the Faroe Islands, 9 states that Love, administrative forskrifter, retsafgrelser og lignende offentlige aktstykker er ikke genstand for ophavsret. (Copyright does not apply to laws and similar publications.)


Ferieplanene tar form.

Taking signatures seriously

Caution: Pets Patrol Inc. asserts that this content is safe, but do you trust them? Computer Associates offers free spyware scanning, which is nice.

To run the test, you have to let a signed ActiveX control run in Internet Explorer. That's OK.

But they do essentially tell me to ignore the security dialog: This screen lets you know that eTrust PestScan is a signed or certified ActiveX application that you can trust. That is more than the signature actually tells me. The signature tells me that some company—in this case Pest Patrol Inc.—says I can trust it.

Problem is: I never before heard of Pest Patrol Inc. While I trust Computer Associates, I do not trust a company I never even heard of. If I am this sloppy with signature authenticaton, there is little wonder that I get infected with spyware.

And this is not only CA—hardly anybody expects their end users to check a signature.

Dell child safety

Push the big one

Any child will go for the biggest and brightest button, and push it.

But Dell is prepared: the Precision 300 is equipped with a big, bright decoy. Nothing happens when (not if) the child pushes it. The real power switch is the small one above.

Cognitive modeling of the user, resulting in a safer UI.

Landsbankin og Hagstovan

(Politicians speaking Faroese)

Spyrjari: Karsten Hansen. Spurdi: Brur Nielsen: Landsbankin og Hagstovan

Oraskifti 04.05.2005:

  1. Karsten Hansen
  2. Brur Nielsen
  3. Annita Frriksmrk
  4. Karsten Hansen
  5. Brur Nielsen
  6. Karsten Hansen


Giftering er hndjern by Unika Design Unika Design tar visst bondagesymbolikken i gifteringen lenger ut enn de fleste.


En lovende URL

webcam sex contact er en URL som ikke helt ser ut til holde det den lover. Update: top concepts Internetmarketing GmbH, the owner of, is now down to dirty business. A business that may, or may not, be in compliance with rules. (The webcam can still be seen, but at a less interesting address.)

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