Christ: Our price £6.66. You save 66.6%

christ 666
Amazon sells the Christ for £6.66. Which is 66.6% off the regular price. (That the saving is £13, becomes almost irrelevant.)

Taste and texture of minke meat

minke whale sits somewhere between beef and fish on the taste and texture scale

I haven't tried the Lucky Pierrot variety. But I'd rather say that color and texture of beef is somewhere between minke and fish. I.e., minke is more beef than beef.

The taste of fresh minke is distinctively marine, more so than seal meat, but not really like fish. However, when minke starts to spoil, it gets very fishy very fast.

McSeal burger"

The Queen forgot the flag?


Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark arrived in the Faroese capital Tórshavn yesterday. The starboard yardarm was naked, while the rest of the ship was lavishly decorated with flags.

A common yacht would normally fly two flags: Its national ensign at the stern to show where it is from, and the flag of the host nation in the mast as a courtesy flag to pay respect.

The Queen seems to have forgotten the courtesy flag. That would normally signal a certain level of sloppiness. But her Majesty is not sloppy in such matters, she has a large staff of professional protocol freaks with funky titles like overhofmarskalkinde. Thus, the decision to not fly the courtesy flag must be a deliberate demonstration.

From Wikipedia:

A courteous, peaceable merchant ship or yacht customarily flies its ensign [...] together with the flag of whatever nation it is currently visiting at the mast (known as a courtesy flag). To fly one's ensign alone in [...] a foreign port [...] traditionally indicates a willingness to fight, with cannon, for the right to do so.

I guess her protocol masters have decided that a courtesy flag would indicate submission to Faroese authority. As the Kingdom of Denmark lays claim to the Faroe Islands, that would be unacceptable.

But I disagree with their interpretation. The political implication of flying the courtesy flag, is nothing more than a wish to avoid conflict with Faroese authority. Which is in line with official Danish policy: That the Faroe Islands will get independence if they ever again ask for it.

(Suggested revenge: Sail into a Danish port with a European Union courtesy flag)

Atlantic Petroleum listed on VMF


Atlantic Petroleum was listed on Virðisbrævamarknaður Føroya today, and did OK.

Pinlig soldatvideo? kritiserer den pinlige soldatvideoen Kosovo for at i teksten heter det blant annet at serbiske bad boys skal drepes.

I den teksten jeg hører, synger de:

And we'll be dropping our bombs
Wherever Serbian bad guys hide

Hvis vi et øyeblikk forlater videoillusjonen, og ser på virkeligheten, så var det sannelig ikke bare wherever bad guys hide at vi bombet Serbia. I grunnen traff vi vel bare noe sånt som sju stridsvogner, først da vi gikk over til å bombe den sivile økonomiske infrastrukturen sønder og sammen, overga Serbia seg.

Men å lage en ironisk video er 'pinlig'. Det er mulig at serbere ikke forstår ironi, men det er da ikke bare nordmenn som bør prøve å forstå fremmede kulturer?

Kanhende er det dårlig militærtaktikk å lage sånne videoer. Men det er dårlig politisk taktikk å be om unnskyldning hver gang noen dikter opp en grunn til å være fornærmet. Så er vi under Talibanstyre før vi vet ordet av det. Hvis serberne ikke forstår at videoen først og fremst retter ironien mot vestlig politikk, så dem om det. Selvironi er en styrke i vestlig kultur, og denne videoen skal vi være stolt av. Kosovo/Kokomo er noe av det største på videofronten siden George Michael's Outside.

PestPatrol - the Blind Man at the Helm

First impression of PestPatrol Corporate edition.

  • After running an interactive scan on a workstation, and finding nothing, the workstation is marked with a check mark icon, that's good. (I also get a last scan of ... found 0 pests in the bottom pane of the management console.)

    But the log for that workstation does not report the negative result, the last log entry is the last pest found.

  • After a scheduled workstation scan, I get no information at all on the management console if nothing was found. While reporting positives are most important, my peace of mind requires some way to see

    • that a workstation was negative at its last scan
    • when that last scan was done
  • I can schedule scans, and delete them. What I cannot do, is see which scans that are scheduled.
  • I don't know if a scheduled scan will run if the workstation is disconnetced. (It probably will, as an attempt to schedule an offline workstation will fail.)

To conclude: Nice idea. Spyware damage is not limited to the individual workstation, the real threat is to the security of entreprise data. But the product needs some polishing of the user interface. Right now, I'm afraid I'd feel better with standalone PestPatrol on each of my 15 workstations.

Paradox: Antispyware is Spyware

I guess we have to live with that: The police can do what would be crime if done by anybody else. And antispyware is spyware.

Still, the following quote from the PestPatrol help file smells of a nice little paradox:

The first time you scan a client system, the Management Console automatically installs the Workstation Agent on the client. It runs in the background and accepts commands from the Management Console. The agent does not require user interaction or rebooting of client.

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