Édith Piaf

Piaf by Pam Gems starts playing in Tórshavn Oct 14 2006.

Édith Piaf Jytte Joensen Anna Sofía Egilstrøð Stamen Stantchev Sigrun Valbergsdóttir Barbara í Gongini

Photo by Allan Brockie


Configuration terror alert

Configuration terror alert

Just bought a Dell Latitude D620.

The little brat started playing elevator Muzak when I turned it on. The sound control buttons seem to be controlled by software, they do not work during initial configuration.

Deadlock: I will not configure anything with that awful sound. (I nearly stated that I live in Djibouti, out of plain desperation to get on.) And I can't turn off the sound until I have configured it.

Solution: Found a headphone with volume control, plugged it in and turned down the volume.

Tip to the considerate PC salesman: Supply the beast with a dummy minijack plugged into the headphone output.


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