dith Piaf

Piaf by Pam Gems starts playing in Trshavn Oct 14 2006.

dith Piaf Jytte Joensen Anna Sofa Egilstr Stamen Stantchev Sigrun Valbergsdttir Barbara  Gongini

Photo by Allan Brockie


Configuration terror alert

Configuration terror alert

Just bought a Dell Latitude D620.

The little brat started playing elevator Muzak when I turned it on. The sound control buttons seem to be controlled by software, they do not work during initial configuration.

Deadlock: I will not configure anything with that awful sound. (I nearly stated that I live in Djibouti, out of plain desperation to get on.) And I can't turn off the sound until I have configured it.

Solution: Found a headphone with volume control, plugged it in and turned down the volume.

Tip to the considerate PC salesman: Supply the beast with a dummy minijack plugged into the headphone output.


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