Hybrid SUV from Sweden

Hgglund SEP 6x6

This is a hybrid SUV. Both a diesel/electric hybrid, and a SUV/tank hybrid.

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Blog metaentry

The blog entry Blog metaentry is about itself.

In other words, this entry is about itself.

Or, in RDF:

xmlns:rdf="http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#" xmlns:dc="http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/"
<rdf:Description rdf:about="http://styrheim.weblogg.no/220905190056_blog_metaentry.html">
<dc:title>Blog metaentry</dc:title> <dc:subject rdf:resource="http://styrheim.weblogg.no/220905190056_blog_metaentry.html"></dc:subject> <dc:isPartOf rdf:resource="http://blog.styrheim.com/"/>

A validator for HTML with non-HTML namespaces

Relaxed is an html/xhtml validator that allows non-HTML elements in an HTML page.

This is consistent with browser behaviour: Unknown tags (tags, not elements) are ignored—only element content (if any) is displayed.

It will e.g. accept the use of <vCard:TEL> and <rdf:value> elements in http://landsbank.fo.

It also does WAI validation.

Relaxed logo

(And when I reported a bug, it was fixed incredibly fast)

Swimming Adder

A swimming Crossed Viper (Vipera berus) approaching a canoe in lake Langen, west of Ulefoss in Telemark.

The snake seemed to ignore us: not scared, not aggressive, not curious. It tried to enter the canoe that crossed its course, as I suppose it would have climbed upon any rock in its path.

Svmmende hoggorm

Never get out of the boat!

Jamming GPS for security

According to Ny Teknik and der Spiegel, Germany plans to jam GPS abound nuclear power plants.

The idea is to prevent September 11 style terror attacks.

But I'm not so sure that it's a good idea.

Rocknesboen merket

Rocknesboen er n behrig merket med en rd bye.


Bildet er tatt fra Norrna, som med sitt 9,10 meters dypgende skulle g klar med mer enn en halvmeters margin. Tragisk som det var, er jeg likevel fornyd med at noen andre fant den frst.


60.3388N 5.1823

Sea temperatures by the Faroe Islands

Something strange is happening to Faroese sea temperatures. About 2005-08-20 the waverider west of the Faroe Islands plotted the following diagram of the sea temperature:

non-functional temperature peak

Seriously, Influence of the Atlantic Subpolar Gyre on the Thermohaline Circulation is published in Science Vol 309, Issue 5742, 1841-1844 , 16 September 2005. (Requires registration - ASCII characters only, and phone numbers must have 10 digits, forcing Faroese readers to lie.) I hope they have a solid quality assurance system for their data.

Yahoo! is indexing RDFs

Yahoo! is the only search engine that is indexing my stadium.rdf . The RDF is found by searching for Local links for the village Eii

Google and MSN does not find this RDF page.

But Yahoo! does not yet 'understand' that the RDF says these local links are at the URL http://xn--eii-4ma.com/ and has title eii.com. If it did, it would not link to the RDF page, but directly to eii.com.

Please: Go ahead! This is something Google does not do, and will not do unless forced to by the competition. (But I'd fear that their code is ready to roll when they make the decision.) If left to Google, the semantic web will never happen.


Update: Yahoo! doesn't seem to find my RDF anymore. This is not moving in the right direction. While I do not really want the raw RDF in the search result, I want the search result to link to the page that the RDF told about.

Please sweep our 27 floors

Eh, and while you're here, won't you please sweep our 27 floors?

Zooming in with Google Local beta

Searching for kayak within 15 miles from Orcas, WA finds Body Boat Blade at 0.1 miles from Orcas.

But closing in to a 5 miles radius arbound Orcas does not. Very strange.

I also note that the address is given as Prune Alley Rd, which is not shown on the map.

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