Where Nokia hides the 3510i spec

I could not find much technical documentation for the 3510i at nokia.com.

But I found it at http://nds.nokia.com/uaprof/N3510ir100.xml.

(To find that location, I first opened http://landsbank.fo/tools/http.headers/http.headers.wml.cfm from the phone, then searched for "3510i" in http://landsbank.fo/test/wap.txt with a web browser.)

The state flag of Cruisania - on stage

Cruisania's state flag:

State flag of Cruisania

on stage at a Camerata Mediolanense concert:

flag on stage

(Arnhem 1997, despite the MDXXX on the backdrop)

Playing with administrator account

Red Alert 2and Warcraft IIIboth need the player to log in with an Administrator account.

Warcraft does at least have the courtesy to report that as an error, while Red Alert simply fails.

Neither game states this as a requrement on the box.

I find this incredibly arrogant; even if the child owns the PC, he should not log on with administrative rights, just to play.

In my case, it is my machine, and makingthe child an administrator, is not an option.

Solved, by giving the children full access to the games' parts of the registry.

Acer: Empowering people

Empowering People

Empowering me? That's nice.

But I'd rather find the u2awdm.sys file that I need for an external Acer CD-ROM writer.

Choosing Support and Downloads, then Denmark. The only info in that page is:

I found one page, a firmware update for Acer CR40. The actual device doesn't have any model name on it, so I don't know if it's a CR40. But I'm looking for a driver, not firmware.

I'll try the email, and report back, if that works.

Searching results in Invalid URL. Sorry, you seem to have tried to access an invalid page or mistyped the url.Then it redirects within 5 seconds, before anyone can see what happended. Empowering, indeed.

Kampen om kundene

Kapitalismen har det med propagandere om "kampen om kundene". Det jeg opplever "in the trenches", ligner mere p kampen mot kundene, derfor denne kategorien.

Scandinavian movies - no English subtitles

I have a few DVDs from my native Scandinavia. Not one of them has English subtitles. At least Elling, Insomnia and Ronja Rverdatter must exist in versions with English subtitles.

When non-Scandinavians drop by, I might like to show them one of these movies. That is, if they had subtitling, so they could understand them.

So what is the business idea behind the exclusion of the English subtitles? Even if they think that I'd buy two versions of each DVD, just in case, it would not be easy for my to buy them.

The status is: I want to promote Scandinavian movies to 'foreigners', but the DVDs are designed to make that as difficult as possible.

Nokia: "Find your phone"

To geniale sider for velge rett Nokiatelefon:

Find Your Phone er klassisk " mye penger har'u 'a?"

Compare Phones bygger tross alt p spesifikasjoner. Men kan jeg velge ut fra om telefonen sttter WAP 2.0, dvs XHTML Mobile Profile? Kan jeg velge ut fra hvilke bildeformater som stttes?

Kisses of death


Whenever I like a product, they stop making it. I feel like a walking Judas kiss.

I finally found a CD shelf I did like. Bought one. Two weeks later I ordered one more: Sorry, discontinued.

Just like my favorite HTML editor, HoTMetaL; bought by Corel, and killed.

Dangerous spin: Legal victory for file-swappers

BBC reports: Legal victory for file-swappers.

True, but illegal music copying is still as illegal as it has always been. Which is good.

The ruling says that the RIAA has to leave police work to the police. Which is also good, whether you believe - or not - the rumours of a new RIAA boss having been involved at Waco.

I certainly don't want a society where police work is outsourced to the likes of Hell's Angels and Bandidos.

The ruling is also an invitation for Congress to change the law. If that happens, RIAA may well be able to use it to punish filesharing done before the law was updated - after all, sharing copyrighted material is illegal now, the only thing stopping the RIAA from getting you, is that they don't know who owned the IP address. Once they are allowed access to that information, they may get you retroactively, if they so please.

Nokia doesn't accept UTF-16 Unicode?

0 bytes

My UTF-16 test page doesn't work on Nokia 3410 connected via Faroese Telecom's gateway, nor via the built-in gateway of Nokia Mobile Browser 4.0 emulator.

Both FT and Nokia gateways return 0 bytes for this page. They get the Last-Modified right, though.

Openwave 5.1 removes the encoding declaration, converts to UTF-8 but gets it wrong, and complains that the input ended before all started tags were ended.

If anyone has any ideas about using UTF-16 in WAP: Don't.

Getting there:

Open http://landsbank.fo/, choose Tools, Encoding and UTF-16.

Warning: Office 2003 Imaging destroys TIFF files

I opened original TIFF in Microsoft Office 2003 Imaging.

That image needs ot be rotated 180 degrees, so I rotated 90 degrees twice, and tried to save. Invalid file, but it still let me save it.

The resulting file is unreadable.

In true Microsoft style, if I try to open the old Wang/Microsoft Imaging with Start/Programs/Accessories/Imaging, the old program is gone, replaced with the new and dangerous one.

Flashback: Many years ago, I renamed IE to keep the production version while installing a beta.

Guess what? The beta installation found the old version anyway, and overwrote it. Given the chance, those guys would have tried a nuclear device right on their desk. (wishful thinking...)

btw, the Quicktime plugin is not very good at reporting its inability to read the image

Min vr-WAP er bedre

Bare for skryte: Min WAP-side lenker til en bedre vr-side (fra DMI) enn den vrsiden som Froya Teles WAP-side lenker til.

(N er forresten wap.wetteronline.com dd, og lenken dit fjernet)

Amazon postal optimism

Amazon sent my stuff today, and estimates that I got it today, or earlier in December.

Jeg er nr 2 fra venstre...

...i kledelig neopren, etter den internasjonale kajakkregatten i Flateyri i sommer.

De andre bildene i Body Boat Blades nyeste album fra Island, er bedre.


If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen - og hent en kald l

Keiko dies from pneumonia.

Keiko dies a natural death.

Which is why we won't eat him.

Legislate against spam - delete the domain !

State laws against spam won't work very well, because a state's jurisdiction is usually limited to its territory.

But what about deleting domains?

A Norwegian spam law could be enforced by deleting any spamming .no domain. Once a domain is clean, spam filters worldwide need only verify the origin of e-mail from that domain, and can skip content filtering. Which is good, because spam is now camouflaged so well, that a content based filter will inevitably stop legitimate communication.

.com will probably never be clean - but those of us who want to communicate about "erection" could do so from a clean domain, and avoid being stopped by spam filters.

A dirty-words filter may still stop that word, but that's the receiver's choice. By "clean", I mean free from spam, not free from dirty words.

Dopinglov som ikke forbyr bruk?

Familju- og heilsumlari har et forslag til ny dopinglov.

Forslaget forbyr distribusjon og besittelse av dopingmidler, men inneholder s vidt jeg kan se, ikke noe forbud mot bruk:

Tey 1 og 2 nevndu dopingevnir mugu ikki framleiast, flytast inn, flytast t, seljast, flggjast t, deilast t ella liggjast inni vi uttan so, at talan er um ntslu til sjkufyribyrging ella -viger ella til granskingarendaml.

Det vil vel i praksis si at det ikke vil vre noen strafferettslig reaksjon for den som tester positivt for forbudte stoffer.

Begrunnelsen for forslaget, bygger p en total misforstelse av dopingproblemet:

Doping strir mti meginreglunum trttarrrsluni, som hava vi sr, at luttakararnir skulu kappast jvnum fti.

Oppfatningen er med andre ord at doping er forbudt, fordi det er juks.

I virkeligheten er det omvendt: Doping er juks, fordi det er forbudt; det er forbudt fordi det er farlig.

Anabole steroider gir problemer langt utenfor idretten: De er vanedannende, og de fr folk til oppfre seg dummere enn de ellers ville gjort. S de hrer vel egentlig under den generelle narkotikalovgivingen, ikke under en lov som handler om idrett.


N selger Rusdrekkaslan salt ("denaturert"?) mat-risvin. Billig er den ogs, 25kr - risvin som kan drikkes, koster nesten det 4-doble.

Da mangler vi bare mirin (st sake), fr vi kan sette i gang lage shigure-ni - hvalkjtt kokt i soyasaus og sukker.

The Captain is blind, and he cannot see

The Captain is blind, and he cannot see

  • Httisliga Hulda: Sofa Nolse Mikkelsen
  • Piratos: Sjrur Simonsen
  • Skiparin Einoygdi: Marius Thomasen
  • Vippu Viggo: Rald Johannesen

The 4th Dimension in Faroese Politics

Traditionally, there are 3 dimensions in Faroese politics:

  • left vs right
  • moderate vs fundamentalist Christianity
  • separatism vs unionism

With the forthcoming election in January 2004, the most important dimension is a forth one:

  • honesty and transparency vs corruption and kleptocracy

That issue has broken up the separatist coalition.

That's OK with me; what good is a sovereign state, if it's ran by thieves?

(And what good is the present union with Denmark, if we are a lawless colony?)

Kokken er ferdig med pille nese

Kokken er ferdig med  pille nese

Leikhsjl i Havnar Sjnleikarfelag.

  • Skipsrotta Rosina (Kristina Christiansen)
  • Kokken Knetta Knt (Reimar N. Djurhuus)
  • Httisliga Hulda (Sofa Nolse Mikkelsen)
  • Vippu Viggo (Rald Johannesen)

DAML - reinventing Prolog ?

DAML (DARPA Agent Markup Language) looks a lot like Prolog to me.

I didn't like Prolog. It looked like it could apply logic. It could, but in an extremely unintelligent way.

We'll see about DAML. At this time, it seems overambitious. Google can't even do a decent search for events in timespace, and DARPA wants logic?

Triumph des Willens - Amazon slalom

You'll have to use amazon.co.uk to find Triumph des Willens, but amazon.de to find Olympia.

How come?

The only reason that Triumph des Willens is of interest in the UK, is that it is illegal in Germany?

Bouvet Island - Little Known Facts

> server NN.UNINETT.NO
Default Server: NN.UNINETT.NO

> bv.

bv nameserver = nac.no
bv nameserver = server.nordu.net
bv nameserver = nn.uninett.no
nn.uninett.no internet address =
nac.no internet address =
server.nordu.net internet address =
server.nordu.net AAAA IPv6 address = 2001:948:0:f005:0:0:0:42
> server server.nordu.net
Default Server: server.nordu.net

> bv.
Server: server.nordu.net

*** server.nordu.net can't find bv.: Server failed

The Market prefers the Soviet Union over Russia

The Market has spoken:

  • .su domain: $100/year

  • .ru domain: $ 15/year

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